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The Year’s Top Designs

Sometimes a new year means a “new you,” but it also means a new look for interiors. It can be hard to keep up with the shifting tides of interior design, but it helps if you start with a luxury space like the ones at 82 Flats at the Crossing. Our apartments on 82nd Street in Indianapolis are in a prime location and already offer the perfect canvas for any design. Since every canvas needs some inspiration, here are the leading ideas to inspire your apartment in 2023!

#1: Splashes of Color

Gone are the days of monotone minimalism. It’s time to bring back color but do it strategically. The top recommendations are to make one bold stroke of color, use a colorful print as a focal point, or pick a color palette to do multiple small pops of color. A great bold stroke could be a furniture piece, like this striking mustard/gold chair from West Elm. You can also incorporate another trend that’s still popular from previous years: natural elements. Your color could come from a plant as a centerpiece or a nice tall plant to brighten a corner.

#2: Touches of Detail

Trend #1 and trend #2 go hand in hand. This is the year to incorporate some details into your design with texture, materials, and patterns. Instead of a plain mirror with a solid frame, go for one with a unique frame, like this copper wall mirror from Pottery Barn with a modern-industrial mounting piece at the top or this brass mirror with a built-in shelf also from Pottery Barn. Pro tip: when adding detail, you still want to pick pieces that are functional, so think of a detailed table, lamp, etc. that serves a purpose while also adding interest.

#3: Wellness at Home

There’s been a huge pivot societally to start prioritizing ourselves over our work and other extraneous things. This movement has made its way into design, so it’s time to incorporate your personal wellness into your home. You’ll have to make your specific choices match your own priorities. For example, if you’re a fan of meditation, you’ll want to bring that zen energy into a space of your apartment. That could start with an area rug to anchor the space, like this indigo rug from Crate & Barrel.

#4: Generational Mashups

If you have a beloved piece from your grandma or have a love for all things kitsch, then this is the year to let those older pieces out of storage. Instead of having rooms that are “one note,” make a mashup with a modern base to your design and touches of eclectic older items. If you’re not a fan of thrifting or grandma’s patterns, then you can always look for vintage-inspired pieces, like this sleek chair from RH that’s inspired by design from 20th century Denmark.

#5: Make It Uniquely “You”

The final trend could be very easy or very challenging: make your design personal to you. If you’re struggling to channel your inner design guru, look no further than your own personal hobbies and interests. You can use them in both obvious and subtle ways. If you have a green thumb, then you can add floral plates from Anthropologie to highlight your love of the garden. If you enjoy classic tabletop games, then you can add this box of colorful dominoes to a side table.

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