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Fresh Starts with Fresh Habits

Spring is a time for renewal, so why not try some internal renewal? There is a huge temptation to spend the winter months essentially hibernating, staying indoors, and focusing on eating and comfy clothes. Spring is the perfect time to let go of some of those old, bad habits and start new, healthy routines that can revitalize you and get you back on track. There may already be some great resources at your disposal. At 82 Flats at the Crossing, our Keystone at the Crossing apartments offer access to a state-of-the-art fitness center, a saltwater pool, shopping and dining within walking distance, and more. But resources are meaningless if you don’t use them, so try some of these tips for starting (and sticking to) a new routine!

#1: Brainstorm
If you’re looking to really set a routine that will last, you have to start with things you care about accomplishing. Take some time to sit down with a paper and pen or on your laptop and let out all your thoughts and ideas about what you want to introduce to your routine. It can include anything you want to do on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be health-focused or diet-focused. You can also include things like trying a new restaurant, going to a social event, or getting involved in your community. Whatever it is, you have to be invested in it somehow. Otherwise, you’ll set yourself up for failure and be tempted to abandon a routine altogether.

#2: Set (Realistic) Goals
After you have your ideas down on paper or screen, it’s time to pick some reasonable priorities to start with. If your goal is diet-related, switching from burgers and fries to edamame and quinoa right away will likely fail. Instead, you could start with one meal a day or even one substitution in one meal, like fish instead of red meat or egg whites instead of fried eggs. Small, achievable goals will add up over time, and you’ll have a lot more opportunities to feel successful and keep your momentum going.

#3: Track Progress
One of the most rewarding parts of a routine is following it and watching how it impacts your life. The best way to see your progress is to track it somehow. Different people respond to different things, so you’ll have to pick an approach that works for you. Here are some ideas to get you started:
A visual schedule; print it, laminate it, and you can mark things off with dry-erase markers as you go
A traditional calendar; buy a large one from an office supply store so you can write everything down but keep it easily visible
A to-do list; you can buy a notepad and write it every day or print it, but either way, enjoy the satisfaction of crossing things out when you finish them

#4: Leave Room for Life to Happen
Let’s face it: not every day goes to plan. The unexpected happens, like a flat tire, a bad hair day, or the flu. When that happens, it helps to have some wiggle room in your day. Your routine shouldn’t be so restrictive that you feel like your whole day will unravel if something comes up. You could even opt to have some of your habits on two different days as an option, and if you don’t get to it one day, you do it the other day. It’s okay to be flexible with a routine. Rigidity will either stress you out or make you feel lost when your routine is thrown off.

#5: Recycle, Revise, and Renew
The best routines won’t stay the same forever. They have to grow and change as you grow and change. Maybe every three months or twice a year, revisit your routine and see how it’s been going. Recycle the parts that work for you. (You know what they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”) If there’s a part of your routine that you struggle with or doesn’t seem to fit, revise it. You can either get rid of it or just edit it to match your current goals. Finally, renew your routine because a stale routine loses its purpose and keeps you from achieving new success.

Come home to the perfect place for building new routines, the spacious luxury apartment homes at 82 Flats at the Crossing. Our apartments on 82nd Street in Indianapolis offer convenient amenities that make it easy to start new workout routines, get out and explore Indianapolis, or find time to relax. Call us to learn more: (317) 661-2850.