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Summer Style to Bring Home
Another season is fast approaching: summer! It’s time to break out the barbecue and sunscreen, but what should you wear? You may already live near the latest trends like the residents of 82 Flats at the Crossing. Our Keystone Crossing apartments offer easy access to the Fashion Mall and other premium retail destinations where you can spy on the display windows for inspiration. But if you don’t want to have to guess, check out our helpful list of must-haves for summer!

#1: Tailored…But Not
Before you run away from this trend, it’s not as complicated as it seems. To conquer this style, all you need is something that’s traditionally tailored, like a blazer, then make it a bit oversized and/or slouchy. Make sure you don’t add too much volume and use this trend only with one piece rather than your whole ensemble. Blazers, pants with clean lines, and vests will all help you integrate this new look.

#2: Tank Tops
This may sound obvious, but let’s get more specific. You want to look for a classic tank top, super simple. Think scooped neck, possibly ribbed, and solid color. A big benefit of this look is its flexibility. It can go under your oversized blazer with some jeans, with a maxi skirt, with some shorts, or under a denim jacket.

#3: That 70s Vibe
Retro vibes in general are in, but the 70s in particular are making a big comeback. Bring the past to life with many shades of brown, bell sleeves, and flared jeans. You’ll also want to stick with the more bohemian and earthy looks from that era rather than the intense colors and patterns.

#4: Baggy Pants
Let loose for summer with some relaxed-fit pants. Across the board, a wider-legged pant is the look. It gives you an airy, light feel that’s perfect in any setting. You have plenty of fabric choices, too. Use this style for choosing jeans, linen pants, or even dress pants for work or special occasions.

#5: Finally: Pockets for Everyone
It’s a common complaint that a lot of women’s wear lacks built-in, functional pockets. Well, that is going out the door this year. Instead, everyone is getting pockets on shorts, pants, and even skirts. It’s the new approach to the cargo look, and these pockets are not subtle. They are large statements designed to stand out, so if you’re into subtlety, this may not be the look for you.

#6: Two Strong Colors
Two colors are dominating the summer looks: red and purple. The red tones that are dominating the runways tend to be strong, saturated reds. Think back to grade school and go with that classic crayon red rather than something more muted. Purple, however, is present in every shade imaginable. You can go for full-on grape purple or a more gentle touch of lavender.

Do you need a new apartment home that makes it easy to shop for your summer staples? Come home to 82 Flats at the Crossing in Indianapolis. Our apartments near Keystone at the Crossing give residents access to premium shopping, dining, and entertainment. Our prime location and luxury floor plans are ready to welcome you. Call today: (317) 661-2850