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Customize a Short-Term Rental to Make it Your Own

Furnished, short-term rentals are a convenient solution for business travelers on an extended stay or employees relocating to a new area. 82 Flats has reserved some apartments for use as short-term rentals – whether you’re renting for a few weeks or a few months, we think you’ll find our upscale apartments are a comfortable alternative to hotels.

While you can’t replace the furniture in your short-term rental, there are some ways you can make your temporary quarters feel more like home. Take a look at the following tips!

Bring Your Own Photos

No matter how tasteful the artwork in a furnished apartment, nothing makes you feel more at home than easy personal touches like framed photos. Create a gallery on a table or bookshelf, or spread the pictures out throughout the space so you’ll always have familiar faces around, even far from home.

Rent Your Favorite Art

Just as your apartment can be a short-term rental, so can your art! If you don’t love the pieces provided, temporarily replace them with something a bit more to your taste. Online art rental services allow you to surround yourself with pieces you love, without the long-term obligation. When it’s time to move out, simply send the pieces back.

Buy Yourself Flowers

A vase of your favorite fresh flowers is a simple way to make any space feel more comfortable and cozy and adds a personalized pop of color to your surroundings. Consider setting up a weekly delivery from a local florist to keep things fresh.

Move Things Around

Just because an apartment comes furnished doesn’t mean you can’t rearrange things. Maybe you prefer your bed a little closer to the window, or you want to move your glassware to a different cabinet. Small changes could make your space feel much more “you.”

Add in Touches of Home

We’re always at our most comfortable and relaxed when surrounded by familiarity. If possible, bring a few things from home (or buy duplicates locally) to make your temporary home feel more familiar. You might sleep better on your own pillows, and your morning coffee may taste better when you’re drinking out of your favorite mug.

Looking for a Short-Term Rental in Indianapolis?

Conveniently located and offering luxury design and amenities, 82 Flats has short-term, furnished rentals available through National Corporate Housing. Inquire today and learn how 82 Flats is the perfect home away from home while you’re in town.