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No Need to Roam, Stay at Home

Travel can be a lot of fun. But maybe if you don’t want to go through the hassle, a staycation could be the perfect solution for your need to take a break and feel like you can get away. 82 Flats provides the perfect location and environment for some quality time close to home. Check out these tips for making your staycation a memorable experience.

#1: Set a Budget

There’s an everyday budget, a vacation budget, and something in between. Something in between is just what you need when you’re planning a staycation. You don’t want to treat it as an everyday experience. It has to stand out to give you the feeling that you’re enjoying a getaway. However, you don’t need to spend as much as you would to get a plane ticket and an exclusive, all-inclusive resort. Luckily, 82 Flats is right by Keystone at the Crossing, so you can check out restaurants and shops in advance to get an idea for your budget. The trickiest part of setting a budget is sticking to it. Track what you’re spending or plan ahead so the stressful part is already done.

#2: Pick the Setting

Your staycation will feel pretty boring if your surroundings stay essentially the same. You have to change it up somehow. This could be achieved by checking out a local boutique hotel or bed and breakfast. Just 5 minutes away from 82 Flats, you can find the new Iron Works Hotel. Its sleek, modern-industrial vibe and top-quality service have won it multiple awards. A more budget-friendly option is to stay at home. If you go this route, then you can spend your hotel budget on turning your place into an oasis. Living at 82 Flats at the Crossing makes this easy because we have resort-style amenities, like a saltwater pool and grilling cabana and lounge. You can also spend some money on changing the look of your space. Pick out some refreshing scents to try, a new throw blanket and lounging pillows, or completely makeover a room to be your getaway room.

#3: Time to Indulge

One of the best parts of traveling is letting yourself indulge a bit in things you wouldn’t normally spend money on. You should do the same thing when you plan a staycation. This is your chance to try that high-end restaurant you’ve heard about or visit a new boutique. There are plenty of options close to 82 Flats at restaurants and stores by the Keystone Fashion Mall. Another fun option is to create a signature cocktail for your staycation. If you already have a luxury kitchen, like the ones featured in all of our floor plans, then you’ll easily have the space to set up a mini-buffet for yourself and a friend or a charcuterie spread.

#4: Set Aside Distractions

You can’t get away if you’re still constantly attached to your work laptop and phone. You also won’t be able to relax at home if chores are waiting to be done and easily visible. Just like a real vacation, you need to plan to be away from those everyday responsibilities so you can hit your reset button and unwind. You deserve it.

You also deserve to unwind in a luxury setting with modern features and a prime location. Our apartments at Keystone at the Crossing have everything you could need for a top-notch staycation. We are located near fine dining, shopping, and entertainment. Give us a call to learn more: (317) 661-2850.