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Stop the Stains

Let’s face the facts: everyone drops food on themselves sometimes. It’s inevitable. This is even more common if you enjoy eating out or cooking. Anyone who lives at Keystone at the Crossing knows it has some of the best dining options in Indianapolis. But what do you do when dinner ends up in your lap? You can’t always avoid the spills, but you can confront the stains afterward. Here are some simple ways to salvage your clothes.


Fruit is a great addition to your diet. But if you bite into a blueberry or raspberry with a little too much zeal, you could end up with an intense stain. Juices, especially anything with shades of red, are notorious for causing the most unforgiving splotches. Lucky for you, there is a solution! Here are the steps:
Spread the item over a bowl, stretching out the fabric so it’s taut
Boil water
Pour the boiling water over the stain
For an extra layer of stain-fighting power, you can soak the item in vinegar after


There are few if any people who have not spilled coffee or had it spilled on them. It is the ubiquitous beverage at breakfast, restaurants, and the office. The odds are high it will end up on you and your clothes at some point. It’s also obvious when it spills because it is dark brown and spreads quickly. The solution only requires two ingredients and a little time:
You will need vinegar, water, and a small towel or washcloth for dabbing
Combine the water and vinegar (the ratio is two parts water, one part vinegar)
Rinse the stain in this solution
Use the washcloth or small towel to dab until your stain is conquered


Grease is one of the most cringe-worthy stains. It’s instantly noticeable and notoriously hard to get rid of. It can also show up later in the day or the next time you go to wear an item because the stain is not always obvious right away. Instead of trying to find a jacket or scarf to cover up the offending spot, you can treat the stain with one of two common kitchen ingredients:
You will need baking soda or cornstarch
Sprinkle the baking soda or cornstarch until it covers the stain
Leave the powder on the stain for at least 30 minutes
Shake off the powder into the sink or trash
This simple fix works best when the stain is fresh. Pro tip: avoid using water on grease stains! It will not help you in this situation.

General Tips

Couldn’t find the right solution for you? Here are some common hacks for confronting nearly any stain if you are struggling.
Vinegar is often a great all-natural and affordable stain remover
If your stain has any crumbly bits, be sure to scrape them off before trying other cleaning treatments
If you already tried a treatment and can still see a spot, try scrubbing it with some diluted detergent or with a stain treatment product before you put it into the washing machine

If you struggle with stains and don’t trust yourself to get it right, then there are alternatives. At 82 Flats at the Crossing, one of the luxury amenities is a dry clean drop-off service. Let us help you so you can go enjoy everything our apartments and Keystone at the Crossing have to offer. Ready to make a move? Give us a call at (317)-661-2850