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“Old” Furniture, New Look

In a world full of fast fashion, fast food, and fast furniture, it can be refreshing to return to an old familiar favorite and make it feel new. Upcycling and repurposing furniture is a great idea for many reasons. It is budget-friendly, which is always a bonus. Sometimes older pieces have more unique shapes that are a better fit for your needs. Reimagining your furniture also adds automatic character to a room. It helps to start with the right space for your piece, like one of the spacious floor plans at 82 Flats at the Crossing. Our apartments on 82nd Street feature modern floor plans that provide the perfect sleek backdrop for your creations. Check out some of our ideas for repurposed and upcycled furniture!

#1: Paint or Stain It
One of the quickest and easiest ways to update a piece of furniture is with a coat of paint or stain. Paint and stain create the perfect opportunity to add some color to your decor. Plus, since paint is relatively inexpensive, you can change colors as often as you want to fit the latest trends. Make sure if you choose to paint or stain that you look carefully at the labels. You’ll want the right kind of paint or stain for your surface. You also will need a workspace with good ventilation and a dropcloth or other protective material to protect from spills.

#2: Add Pattern
Patterns can create the perfect eye-catching moment in your room. If you have a hard surface to work with, like a table or chairs, then you can invest in some fun and funky stencils. There are plenty of shapes to choose from, and you can either do subtle accents at corners or on larger surface areas. You can also use this as another opportunity to incorporate some color or colors. The pattern doesn’t have to be used elsewhere in the room but can be a bold accent in your decorating scheme.

#3: New Hardware
Many furniture items have hardware as an integral part of the design. The most obvious are drawer pulls on nightstands, dressers, etc. But you can also get creative and add new hardware to upholstery using studding. Fun hardware options include tassels for a touch of whimsy, homemade drawer pulls made of unexpected items like buttons, or look for some vintage hardware at an antique store to add that old-world touch.

#4: Fancy Fabric
Nothing dates a piece of furniture quite like an old fabric. Fabric has a tendency to become dated easily because patterns and colors fluctuate so much with new trends. 80’s pastels can quickly become jarring in a modern room that uses bold strokes of saturated colors. Rather than skip out on a cool furniture piece with outdated fabric, replace the fabric with something new and bold. It’s much easier than it sounds! A lot of times all you’ll need is a handheld staple gun, fabric, fabric scissors, measuring tools, and a fabric pencil. Of course, you can also ask for an assist from a friend who loves a good DIY project or consult a DIY video with easy-to-follow instructions.

#5: Play with Purpose
If you want your furniture to be a real statement in your space, then consider using a piece of furniture for a different purpose. For example, a small old nightstand can become a fun bar cart with a coat of paint and the addition of wheels and a handle. An old tabletop can become the perfect topper for a kitchen island. An old rectangular coffee table can turn into an entryway bench with the simple addition of a cushion. If you’re extra handy, you can use vintage shutters or scrap wood to create shelves or table tops.

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