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Seasonal Decor

Since winter weather has finally made its exit, it’s time to start dreaming of sunnier days, fresh smells, and a refreshed outlook. As spring renews the outdoors, you may be looking to renew things indoors. At 82 Flats at the Crossing, you’re already in the perfect location to find what you need. Our luxury apartments in Indianapolis are right by the premium retailers at Keystone at the Crossing. To help you get your redecorating started, here are some of the top spring and summer trends for 2022.

The Perfect Palette

When you think of spring, you likely think of all the colors emerging, from the grass to the flowers. This year, your indoor palette should draw inspiration from the outdoor’s softer hues. Think of rich chocolates and caramels offset by delicate pastels in blue, yellow, and green. Green is the accent color of the year, starting in a soft hue for spring and moving into deep, jungle greens for summer. Ultimately, color is back in, and all-white palettes are out.

Keep It Natural

A trend that has been growing and is expanding all the time is the use of natural elements and features in decorating. This can be done in a few different ways. You can use natural textures and materials. Think of rock textures, like marble or granite, and elements of jute and rattan. The floor plans at 82 Flats offer the perfect starting point with elegant kitchen countertops in natural tones. You can also take this approach more literally. There’s a secondary trend of bringing the outdoors in through plants. Indoor plants and gardening elements are blurring the lines between outside and inside.

Embrace the Curves

Another trend this year for spring and summer is curvy lines. After a couple of difficult years stuck indoors, everyone is looking for some comfort. Curves provide that sense of comfort, rather than harsh, boxy lines. Look for ways to add curves with your coffee tables, end tables, ottomans, and sofas. This also hearkens to the trend of embracing nature. Floral patterns and natural elements like indoor plants feature organic, curved lines.

Space for You

Another defining focus for decorating in 2022 is creating a space to relax. Taking time for self-care is a great practice for mental health, and now that is beginning to show in decorating. Some popular places are extra rooms you may have in your home or the bathroom. If you have the benefit of extra space like the private patios at 82 Flats, then you can create a miniature oasis to escape from stress and anxiety. The bathroom is also no longer a mere utilitarian area. Instead, think of it as a spa. Adding relaxing scents, colors, and textures will provide that sense of calm and well-being you need.

Are you looking for an apartment that provides the perfect backdrop for all of these trends? Then you should schedule a tour at 82 Flats at the Crossing. We offer spacious, luxury floor plans that feature stylish, neutral elements. Our apartments are near Keystone at the Crossing, so you’ll never have trouble finding the latest decorative items or furniture pieces. Call our leasing office for more information at (317)-661-2850.