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Keeping Your Wardrobe Ready
Closets can be intimidating spaces if you’ve overfilled them or even underfilled them. What should you actually keep? What should you add to it? You could spend all day staring into it and getting nowhere. Or you could try a few tips to keep your wardrobe streamlined and functional! At 82 Flats at the Crossing, apartments for rent in Indianapolis, you already live near premium shopping locations, so you have great resources to help you get started. Here are a few ideas to guide your decisions and keep your wardrobe on point at all times.

#1: Button-up Shirts
A tip for women: Don’t feel limited to a basic white button-up shirt. A variety of colors, patterns, and materials can make this basic a real standout piece in your wardrobe.

A tip for men: Watch the fit in your shoulders to avoid looking frumpy or like your shirt is straining. The shoulder seam should align with the natural end of your shoulder line.

A tip for everyone: Always keep in mind whether or not you plan to wear your button-up tucked in or hanging out. If the length is too long, you risk looking unkempt, and too short can ruin the effect of your look. Struggling with sleeve length? Go for fit in the shoulders and chest first. Sleeves can be rolled for more casual settings and still look polished.

#2: Jeans
A tip for women: Don’t get obsessive about wearing the latest jean trend. Instead, focus on the fit. A good fit will always be more important than wearing the trendiest style of the day. Wearing something that you are comfortable in will also make it easier to step out of the door with confidence.

A tip for men: Focus on fit. Just because a pair of jeans fits your waist does not mean it’s the right pair for you. Your jeans are half of what you’re wearing, so they should fit well from top to bottom.

A tip for everyone: After you find the right fit, some of your jeans can flex with the latest trends. Try different washes and some distressing to add some extra character and flair, but if you want to stick with staples, go for a classic wash and limited distressing.

#3: Dress Shoes
A tip for women: It is far too easy to keep buying shoes when there are so many options out there. Avoid the temptation when looking for your staple dress shoes. Focus on a classic look that will add elegance to any outfit. And, of course, have some fun with the rest of your shoe wardrobe.

A tip for men: Men’s dress shoes are no longer limited to tasseled loafers. There are plenty of options out there that hit the needs of a staple (fit and neutral color) but have additional features to show your personality. Two-toned leather, ombre effects, and different textures can show off your fashion sense.

A tip for everyone: This is a good time to stick to classics. Neutral colors are a given but also consider choosing high-quality materials like genuine leather that will last longer than fast-fashion synthetic materials.

#4: Pants
A tip for women: Look for signs of quality tailoring. A good pair of pants will have natural seams. You can also have some fun here with different leg lines, such as straight leg, cropped, and flared.

A tip for men: Don’t forget that you’ll likely be wearing these pants with a belt sometimes. Try them on with a belt and watch out for signs of poor fit, like fabric that bunches up under the belt or gaps.

A tip for everyone: Start with a pair of pants that fits in the waist, but don’t be afraid to have some fun playing with the rest of the fit as trends fluctuate. You never want your look to start to feel stuffy or old-fashioned. If you’re unsure, take a peek through some fashion magazines or other print materials to get a sense of what’s going to keep you classic and fashion-forward.

#5: Blazers
A tip for everyone: The tip for a blazer is pretty universal: get it tailored to fit you. Make sure your shoulders fit naturally with the shoulder seams. The sides should follow your waistline. Look for buttons/closures that sit at a flattering place, like your natural waistline. Even though this is a staple, different styles of blazers can give you a classic look with a trendy twist. For example, right now long blazers and boxy blazers are popular choices for women who want to look professional and stylish. Just be sure to revisit when trends shift again.

Now you’re ready to stock your closet, but you need the right closet to fill. Find ample closet space in all of our floor plans and an incredible location at 82 Flats at the Crossing. Our Indianapolis, IN apartments are luxurious and situated right at Keystone at the Crossing, a collection of premium restaurant and retail spaces. Want to learn more about leasing with us? Then call (317)-661-2850.