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It seems that as soon as influential designers declare something is trending, it’s already on it’s way out. Minimalism was big in home decor for a while, but now pastels, big patterns, and pastels are making a comeback.

But if you’re a minimalist at heart, there’s still nothing better than the feel of a clean, airy apartment with plenty of room to relax and move around. You don’t have to feel pressured to decorate your home based only on what’s trendy! Here are some ways you can incorporate the concept of minimalism into your apartment decor in a way that won’t feel out of style next season. These ideas include neutral, timeless colors, functional furniture, and a clean, open concept that allows a relaxed and easy flow throughout your space.

Bring the Outdoors In

If you’re into house plants, this one is for you! It’s inspired by a Scandinavian concept that’s all about enjoying the outdoors year-round, says Graber’s designer Eden Morrison for Apartment Therapy. It’s called friluftsliv which means “free air life.” Using sheer curtains that invite plenty of natural light and incorporating plants, patterns, and other elements found in nature are easy ways to incorporate this trend that won’t ever feel dated.

Natural Tones

While you’re incorporating those elements of the outdoors, it makes sense that your colors would be more of those found in nature as well. Earth and jewel tones and shades of green and brown work well with this style.

Space-Saving Furniture

Whether your apartment is large or small, space-saving furniture like nesting tables or multifunctional storage benches help maximize your space and prevent your home from looking too cluttered. And no matter what’s in style next year, your decor will still be practical and useful.

Quality Over Quantity

Rather than spending money on every trendy item you see, consider investing in items that are of a higher, longer-lasting quality. They may not be what the TikTokers consider stylish, but they’ll save you money and headaches in the long run, and what’s more stylish than that

Incorporate Patterns with Care

You don’t have to give up fun textures to have a functional, minimalist look. Choose them thoughtfully, and place them alongside neutral or solid elements to help them stand out even more.

You Do You!

Again, don’t worry about what’s “on-trend.” If you’re into maximalism and you want to layer textures, prints, and colors, go for it! If you like a more subtle aesthetic, there are many ways to execute that in your own unique way. One of the great things about the 82 Flats at the Crossing is that you have an ideal backdrop for whatever your style happens to be.

If you’re searching for apartments on the northside of Indianapolis, make sure to stop by 82 Flats. The floor plans are spacious and feature a neutral color palette ideal for incorporating your favorite styles and current trends. Call (317) 661-2850 for a tour today.