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Building Organized Habits

Do you sometimes look around your home and feel a little out of control because it’s so unorganized? Chaos outside often creates chaos inside, and no one needs that kind of stress. At 82 Flats, our apartments near Keystone at the Crossing come with some great organizational tools like ample closets, pantries, and exterior storage. But what if organization just doesn’t come easy for you? Check out these simple tips to get organized and stay organized!

#1: Start with Basics

There are some simple organizational tools that will always be your friend: a pen and paper. These two items are all you need to start taking control of things. Once you have a pen and paper, you can start creating lists. Lists are another great tool to get things under control. They are also customizable, so you can make lists in categories that make sense to you. Some common, helpful categories include organizing things you need to do by date (today, this week, this month, anytime); by home versus work (client work, personal files, work calendar, social calendar); or if you want to focus on your home, by area of the home (closets, pantry, cabinets, etc.) You can choose whatever approach makes sense to you as long as you follow through. Check out this Pinterest board for some to-do list ideas/templates.

#2: Find the Right Containers

If part of your problem is an over-abundance of stuff, then one of the easiest ways to get started is by creating a space or container where something belongs. A great way to do this the first time is to pull everything you own out. After everything is out, start putting things into categories: closet, cabinet, pantry, kitchen counter, storage. Two important categories you can’t leave out are “toss” and “donate.” You have to let the excess go. Once it’s all sorted, you can easily see what you have, you know where you want it to go, and then you can find the right containers to put it in. Some favorites are clear plastic tubs with locking lids. They’re easy to stack, preserve what’s inside, and make it easy to see what’s inside. Looking for inspiration? The Container Store has its container options organized by style and use.

#3: Consistency and Deadlines

A system of organization only works if you use it and use it consistently. This can look different for everyone, but it’s important to set rules and deadlines for yourself. One rule could be that you have to do a walkthrough of your home at least once a week to put things back where they belong. If you have a smaller home or it’s just you at home, this could even be done daily. Deadlines are especially important for organizing tasks you have to get done, like paying bills or completing a project at work. Just like your organization systems, deadlines only work if you are consistent, so pick a calendar that works for you. There are apps you can use and pocket-sized, notebook-sized, or large-scale paper calendars you can buy. Take a look at some of the top calendar apps recommended by to get started.

#4: Use Color

Color-coding is a visual way to keep yourself on track. Need to know what you have to do now? That’s anything in red on the calendar. Need to know what to buy at the grocery? That’s highlighted in yellow on your to-do list. Colors help you sort things, and they can be used in all kinds of ways. You could use highlighters if you like to write lists, binders with colorful tabs if you’re juggling multiple calendars, or color-coded bins to keep your holiday decor in check. Color makes it fast and easy, and you can use colors to designate what’s urgent and what can wait. Get started with some color-coding ideasfrom Office Depot.

Start your organization journey with the right living space. 82 Flats at the Crossing provides ample room for you to keep everything under control. Our Keystone at the Crossing apartments are also in an ideal location close to top Indianapolis shopping. We’re only a 9-minute walk from The Container Store. Call today to schedule a tour! (317)-661-2850.