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Picking the Perfect Present

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, you may be starting to panic about what gifts to get for everyone on your list. With the help of the intemet, there are plenty of gifts just a click away. But how do you decide which one is perfect? If you're lucky, you already live near top shopping destinations, like 82 Flats at the Crossing. Our luxury apartments in Indianapolis are right by Keystone at the Crossing. In case you still need some help, here are some tips for finding the present that is sure to make the recipient smile!

#1: Listen, Listen, Listen

There's a reason people drop comments about things they like: they actually like them. So in the months and weeks leading up to the holidays, invite your gift recipient to go shopping with you They are bound to point out something that catches their eye. Make a mental note or even a note in your phone, and once they leave, go back and grab it. This does a few things all at once. First, it lets them know you listened, which always makes someone feel good. Second, it's more thoughtful than something random. Third, you already know they like it so the pressure is off of you to find something they'll appreciate. A lot of times, we make comments on things we like without even realizing it, so it's touching to know someone listened. It also gives the recepient fond memory to look back on.

#2: Presence as a Present

It's a fact that our lives are full. Mostly full of stuff. Something that comes wrapped in a box may look nice, but more often than not, your friends and family would rather have more you than more things. Consider giving them time with you doing something either they or both of you enjoy. Those memories will end up being way more meaningful than something hidden under a pile of tissue paper. Another pro tip: pick something that comes with a date already included. If you're worried they may already have plans on that date, then at least present them with 3 date options. Giving a gift of time without a date set can put pressure on the recipient to set it up. If you set the date in advance, the work is already done!

#3: Experience Over Stuff

This tip goes with the one above. Many people would much rather do something than have something. Choose an experience that the recipient can do alone, with you, or with someone else, but most importantly, choose an experience that makes sense for that person. If they enjoy art, get them tickets to an upcoming art exhibition. If they enjoy cooking, get them a cooking class. And just like tip #1, listen. It's entirely possible they'll make an off hand comment about an upcoming event they're interested in. Again, make a mental note or take an actual note, and enjoy the look on their face when they realize you paid attention to that one comment on that one day.

#4: Solve a Problem

This tip often works well for those people who are harder to buy for. They may not need some impractical thing or even want an experience. But they may have a problem you can help them solve. If they've been talking about how stressed they are at work, book them a massage or meditation class. If they've been talking about how hard itis to keep their floor clean, you could get them a gift basket of floor cleaning supplies. It may sound a ittle “boring,” but i's not about whether it excites you but whether it excites the recipient. Important note for this one: make sure it's a problem that the other person has, not a problem you have with them. For example, don't buy a cleaning service certificate for someone if you think they have a dirty house but they have never mentioned it themselves. It could make the gift pretty awkward and hard to explain.

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