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Living With Roommates

Share Space Without the Stress

Living with a roommate is a tried-and-true way to reduce your living expenses, but it can also be complicated. The easiest way to handle roommate problems is to prevent them in the first place, so hav...
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Nov 23

Alternative Thanksgiving Plans

New Traditions for Your Long Weekend

This year, holiday celebrations may be different than usual. With restrictions on travel in some areas, and many people avoiding indoor gatherings, it’s time to look at alternative ways to celebrate –...
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Nov 6

Reasons to Live in an Apartment With a Garage

Advantages of a Private Garage

When you’re looking for your new apartment home, there are lots of factors to consider. One feature of apartment life that might be an afterthought is parking, because many apartments don’t give you o...
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Oct 7

Moving in the Fall? Start Planning Now

Plan Ahead for a Smooth Move

Mail delays, service disruptions, and business closures have become more common in 2020, so it’s a good idea to plan a few months ahead if you’ll be moving to a new apartment this fall. Take a look at...
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Sep 21

How to Make a Temporary Apartment Feel Like Home

Customize a Short-Term Rental to Make it Your Own

Furnished, short-term rentals are a convenient solution for business travelers on an extended stay or employees relocating to a new area. 82 Flats has reserved some apartments for use as short-term re...
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Sep 18